Company Name

Southwest Physicians Group 4861 W. 95th Street Oak Lawn, Il 60453 708-423-2880

Common Insurance, Billing and Other Questions:


UniCare members, that choose BCBS HMO of Illinois or Blue Advantage HMO insurance coverage, are welcome to join our clinic. To do so, please contact BCBS at 1-800-892-2803 and request our Site 235. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

Do you accept my insurance?

We welcome most health insurance plans, however, it is important that you check with your insurance company to determine if we are contracted providers and verify eligibility and benefits. If you should need assistance, please do not hesitate to call our office.

How may I pay?

We accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Do I need my insurance card at each office visit?

Yes. In order to file claims to your insurance company, we must have correct and updated information.

Why am I receiving a bill in the mail?

If you should have any questions regarding our fees, your statement, or insurance, please contact our office and request to speak with our billing department.

Am I responsible for co-pays and past due balances?

We will collect all co-payments and past due balances at the time of service. If you are unable to make payment at the time of service, we will reschedule your appointment.

Do you accept new patients?

Yes. We always welcome new patients and look forward to serving you.

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

We will provide you with a copy of your records once we have received a valid signed request. Please note that there is a charge for copying records which complies with the State of Illinois fee schedule. Our staff will inform you of these charges. Please allow a minimum of 7 business days to process your request.

How do I get my physician to complete a form (example: FMLA, disability, return to work form, etc.)?

We try to complete many of these requests immediately; however, sometimes it is just not possible. If you should need a form filled out, please fill in as much information as possible before giving the forms to us and allow a minimum of 7 business days for the forms to be completed. You do not need to call our office as our staff will notify you once the forms have been completed. Note: You may be charged a fee for processing some forms or for reprocessing lost or incorrect forms.

How do I obtain my test results?

You should call our office to verify your results. Note: it is the patient’s responsibility to provide our office with current contact information should the physician need to contact you immediately.

What if I need a referral to see a specialist?

Your primary care physician will determine if a referral is necessary at the time of your visit. If the primary care physician determines that a referral is needed, depending on your insurance plan, please allow up to five days for your referral to be processed. Please note that it is not always possible to issue a referral at the time of your visit.

Is my medical information kept confidential?

Yes. We follow all HIPAA guidelines ensuring that your personal information is protected and patient confidentiality laws limit to whom we can release information. Please note that these laws are to protect you and your confidential health information.